Who reads Essentials?

The magazine is delivered by mail monthly to the 6,272 homes and businesses in ZIP code 77401 (city of Bellaire) and the 5,674 single-family homes and businesses in ZIP code 77005 (cities of West University Place, Southside Place and the Rice Village area).

Our content is totally local, created by award-winning local writers and award-winning local columnists who live in these communities. We don’t rely on press releases, generic content or advertising thinly disguised as real stories (paid copy known as “advertorial”) to fill space. We generate our own hyperlocal news stories and columns that residents of Bellaire and West University Place won’t find anywhere else — insight into schools, politics, real estate, institutions and individuals right in their own neighborhoods.

When is the magazine delivered to readers’ homes?

Residents generally receive the glossy magazine in their mailboxes by the fifth of the month.

How long is my commitment?

There is no minimum contract. However, there are substantial price breaks for frequency and longterm relationships with our advertisers.

So how do I know how many magazines are actually delivered?

You want to be sure you are getting the circulation you are paying for because, sadly, some publications will tell you anything — including inflating their circulation figures — to get your advertising dollars.

That’s why Essentials has been audited by Circulation Verification Council, the nation’s most highly respected independent publication auditing firm. Don’t just believe what you are told by newspaper advertising reps — ask for proof.

Can I change my ad each month?

Yes, if you notify us of the change request before the closing date.

Will you design and build my ad?

Yes, we offer complimentary design and production of your ad for Essentials Magazines using the high-resolution logo, photo and copy points you provide. You will be given a proof for approval.

Where will my ad appear in the publication?

Premium positions, if available, are at an additional cost. All other ads are placed throughout the magazine at the publisher’s discretion.

Will you write a story about my business?

In addition to display ads, we offer reasonably-priced sponsored content, allowing you to tell the readers what makes your business unique. However, to maintain our trust with readers and your credibility in the community, we clearly label these articles as “sponsored content.”

Can you help my business with web ads and e-blasts too?

Yes, we offer three strategic methods of hyperlocal advertising: monthly print ads, continuous web ads and weekly e-blasts.

Will I receive a copy of the magazine with my ad?

Yes, an issue will be mailed to the billing address on file. Your invoice will be emailed to the email address on file.

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CVC audit methodology is the most thorough in the industry. CVC utilizes a unique three-tiered system of checks and balances to ensure complete and accurate data. A CVC audit means quality and reliability.

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